Picnic at Hanging Rock -Joan Lindsay

My latest read was a loan from a friend; a charming morsel which kept me going for a few hours. Picnic at Hanging Rock by Joan Lindsay is a Penguin Vintage Classic, although I had never come across it until my friend left it on my desk.

I found the prose a little dry, and the narrative unfolds at a sedate pace – however, by chapter five I was pretty well engrossed in the mystery. Centred around the early twentieth century disappearance of three young girls at the titular picnic near Australia’s Hanging Rock (a real place, though the story is fiction), this book is much more character-driven than it is a page-turning thriller. I won’t spoil the ending, but the author definitely leaves more questions unanswered than otherwise!

Hanging Rock in Victoria, Australia

A little research after finishing the story tells me that the story has been adapted into a play and a film, which received critical acclaim; this isn’t really surprising, as the ethereal nature of the descriptions and the ambiguity of the narrative strike me as being particularly suited to the silver screen.

Ultimately, if you’re comfortable with a slightly dense writing style and unanswered questions, this book is well worth a read!



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