The Passenger -Lisa Lutz

Continuing with my grip-lit theme, The Passenger completely lived up to the jargon – I was completely gripped! Easily the best of this haul so far.

The narrative follows a female protagonist – we meet her as Tanya, but that’s not a name she keeps for long – on the run from the law after her husband dies. It’s not that simple, though, and as not-Tanya burns through money, locations and identities at an ever-increasing rate, we learn more about the woman before she became Tanya, and the real reasons she is on the run. Honestly, I don’t want to to describe too much more of the plot, because there are so many layers and revelations that you’d better just read it!

I will say this though – the final twist almost did for me! The story pushed my boundaries of uncomfortable reading (this is a positive thing in my eyes) and the writing is clear and evocative. I enjoyed this as much as (maybe a smidge more than?) The Girl on the Train – although to be fair, they’re very different. TGotT has a slight element more of realism in that it feels like it could happen to you or someone you know, whereas The Passenger (although still conceivable) feels further from ‘normal’ life, which is something that is a bit of a theme for not-Tanya.

Definitely worth a read!



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