Busy Woman Seeks Wife -Annie Sanders

So at first glance, my latest read (a loan from my mother’s bookshelf) could sound like an LGBTQ romcom… well, it’s not that. It’s a romcom, anyway, but it’s more of a lighthearted comment on traditional gender roles than a  ground-breaking tome on marriage equality.

I really enjoyed it, actually! I zoomed through it in an afternoon, and I could see the twists coming a mile off, but it was a genuinely lovely read. Alex is a busy career woman, who doesn’t have  a particularly domestic tendency (well, I can relate!), and when her mother has a fall and needs to move in with her, Alex realises she needs some help around the house. Her best friend Saff, a domestic-goddess-stay-at-home-mum-type, jokingly suggests that Alex needs a ‘wife’ – someone to do for her everything Saff does for her family. And hey presto – you have a book premise!

I enjoyed that both archetypal characters – the ‘career woman’ and the ‘domestic goddess’ – both have their own challenges and storylines which make them into real life women as opposed to two dimensional stereotypes. I enjoyed the ending, which was pleasingly predictable in the nicest way, and I enjoyed the fact that I was reading a romcom which light-heartedly and believably subverts traditional gender roles.

Sometimes it’s nice to read something where the good guys end up happily and the bad guys get their just desserts!



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