The Trouble With Henry and Zoe -Andy Jones

Continuing with my holiday book haul (though I’m long home and back in the office now…. the mountains are a distant memory already… boo) is The Trouble With Henry and Zoe. Those of you who follow me on the Goodreads app (hi!) will notice that I gave this book three stars. That’s because I found it – well – pretty average. Sorry!


Seriously, I feel pretty bad for saying that, but I put the book down, what, 24 hours ago? If that? And honestly, not much sticks out in my memory. I mean, I remember not hating it – I kept reading, I wanted to know what happens to the characters (the plot is kind of like One Day and kind of like When Harry Met Sally, which film is referenced by the characters) – but other than that, it’s an overwhelming impression of ‘meh’.

I think the author tried to go for poignancy with the ending, but it left me slightly disappointed, and it didn’t do much to make the book more memorable. So, there you have it. Not bad at all, but a distinctly average read.



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