The Book of Lost Things – John Connolly

I really struck gold with this library haul. The Book of Lost Things continues my accidental streak of really enjoyable fantasy/fairytale/folk tale fiction and (while it didn’t blow my mind quite as much as The Bone Clocks) I seem to have lucked out yet again in terms of great storytelling.

Another retelling sort of story, the narrative follows David, a young boy who loves to read, through probably the worst time of his life (not to mention WWII going on around him). The retelling aspect comes from the twists on classic fairytales that David encounters in his adventure (honestly, I’ve never read quite as twisted a version of Little Red Riding Hood before!), and like My Grandmother Sends Her Regards and Apologises, the author highlights the power of stories in real lives, looking at themes of family, betrayal, innocence and naivety, love and loss. As a side note, the hardback book also has some wonderful cover art, so there’s that going for it, too.


I’m in a happy fantasy bubble, with stories and fairytale characters, myths and legends. I may never come out!



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