The Book of You – Claire Kendal

My fantasy bubble popped.


I only meant to read a chapter of The Book of You last night, and ended up finishing the entire thing, wide eyed and with all the lights on. This book was scary!! The Book of You follows Clarissa as she keeps a notebook – the Book of You – detailing all of the interactions she has with her stalker, a man who works at the same office. She is also serving on a jury for a case of alleged sexual assault.

Interestingly, the narration switches between first person (entries in the notebook) and third person. I found this slightly distracting at first, but as the story progressed, I was able to draw comparisons between the distancing effect of the third person breaks and the way stalking/harassment cases are dealt with in the courtroom and media – especially where gender is a relevant factor.

In all honesty, this isn’t the best written book I’ve ever read, in terms of technical ability. At times, the flow felt a little clunky, the writing felt a little overdone or obvious, etc etc… but having said that, the story drew me in so completely that even while I was aware of these things, I didn’t care. Like I said, I stayed up to finish it and had to leave all the lights on for a while because PHEW is this dude scary!

P.s. Even when I switch genre completely, the fairy tales find me – Clarissa analyses fairy tales along with poetry etc, as she works at a university. Fairy stories are DARK, you guys!

If I look terrified here it’s because I am. 

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