Geek Girl – Holly Smale

Continuing with my YA library haul, my latest read is Geek Girl by Holly Smale. It’s the first in a series, and follows fifteen-year-old Harriet Manners, a self-confessed geek. It’s your typical oddball-comes-good story, really; Harriet is socially awkward, unpopular at school, and very intelligent. All is status quo in teenage-land until she gets scouted by a modelling agency and decides to take the chance to change her life, learning some good lessons about herself along the way.

Honestly, no-one is going to spend hours working out the deeper meaning behind this lovely little story, but that hardly matters – I may not want to write a thesis on Geek Girl but I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and I’ll probably read the rest of the series too. It makes me happy to know there are light-hearted books out there that promote self-esteem, feminism, good grades and friendship… these are important issues; far too important to be left to high(ly inaccessible) literature!

Side note: Harriet gets scouted at The Clothes Show in Birmingham, on a school trip. I went on a school trip to The Clothes Show in Birmingham. I bought a chocolate brown lipstick and a white blazer (because I’d seen my infinitely more fashionable friend wearing a white blazer and wanted to be just like her) but I did not get scouted by a modelling agency. Despite being a proper geek.

I feel this is wildly unfair.FullSizeRender (3).jpg


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