Neverwhere – Neil Gaiman

Yet another post about a Neil Himself story.

I love it.

Go figure.

Neverwhere is particularly awesome for London-philes; the world of London Below into which the protagonist falls (after helping a mysterious bleeding girl he trips over on the pavement – always a promising start to a story) is absolutely fascinating. Oh, to bottle this guy’s imagination! I especially enjoyed the London Below versions of the tube stops; I can’t help wondering about White City and Finchley Road and what may lie below them…

The other interesting thing about Neverwhere as a story is that there are several versions of it – all from the author. In the introduction to this edition – the author’s preferred text – Gaiman describes the process of making Neverwhere the TV show, and how everything he loved that didn’t make it into the show he rescued to put back in the book. He also talks about re-writing for the American audience, who may not know London geography and idiosyncrasies so well… and then taking the best bits of all the versions to make this one! It might be kind of a literary nerd thing, but there’s something fascinating about the reworking of art by the artist.

Well worth a read!



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