The Museum of You – Carys Bray

I was SO unprepared for how sad this book is! It took a while to get into, to be honest (although that could have been because I started it during a particularly stressful job-hunting period, to be fair) but once I really got going it hit me right in the feels!

A YA impulse-read, The Museum of You is about Clover Quinn, a young girl on her summer holiday, entertaining herself while her dad, Darren, drives a bus. Her mum died when she was six weeks old, and inspired by a school trip to a museum, Clover decides to curate an exhibit about her late mother, by sorting out all of the stuff that her dad has hoarded in the second bedroom.

The narrative covers themes of family and friendship, as well as mental health and your pretty standard coming-of-age type stuff. I loved the idea of the museum; I’ve never been an especial fan of museums, but the way curation was described gave me new insight – I understood why Clover was so taken with the idea! A solid read with a surprisingly impactful ending.



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