The Knife of Never Letting Go – Patrick Ness

At the time of writing, I am grateful that I have an unemployment-day-off to write this post, bleary-eyed, from my bed. I hate Patrick Ness. 

Here are the reasons why I hate Patrick Ness:

  1. I only meant to read a chapter before bed. At about ten-ish, I picked it up, thinking I’d wind down with a chapter or two instead of watching Netflix… and at about half two I put it down again, finished. Damn you, Ness!
  2. This is the first of a series and I don’t have the other twoThis is not, I suppose, strictly speaking Patrick Ness’ personal fault, but I was not prepared for this book to be the first in a series (I know, I should read the cover!) and what is Ness’ fault is the dire situation in which he leaves the ending of the first book. ARGH! Ness!!
  3. HE KILLED HIM HOW COULD YOU KILL HIM NESS YOU MONSTER HE DIDNT DESERVE TO DIE!!!! (Sorry, this is as close to a spoiler as I will get but honestly I cannot cope NESS HOW DARE YOU!)

Here’s the thing. Until relatively recently, I’d not heard of Patrick Ness – then, I was recommended The Rest of Us Just Live Here, and loved it. So I started reading more of his stuff. And watching his TV stuff. (Class, a YA Doctor Who spin-off, is currently on iPlayer and is definitely one of the better spin-offs I’ve seen. I’m really enjoying it.)

And what I have come to notice is that everything he writes is so different. I really admire this skill – Ness is spanning genres here. Out of everything I’ve seen/read, I guess the loosest category you could apply would be sci-fi, except that doesn’t even really fit properly. And although everything is so different, everything is so good. I have been completely absorbed – head first – into every world he has created that I have encountered and he makes me care about his characters more than I care about some real people and I care what happens to them and he writes such convincing pain…

I hate you, Ness.

In the same way Whovians and Sherlockians hate Steven Moffat.

In the same way that Potterheads hated J K Rowling after the end of book five. And book six. And book seven.

In the way that so many people hate George R R Martin.

Because only true love can fuel this kind of hate.

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