A Little Love Song – Michelle Magorian

Goodnight Mister Tom is a classic, unarguably so, but I didn’t realise that the author of the heart-rending WW2 children’s story had written other books. When I picked up A Little Love Song, I guess I was expecting something similar – relatively gentle, but with an emotional punch – and I wasn’t far off, except the emotional punch was a bit more oomph than I was expecting!

A Little Love Song follows Roe (short for Rose), a seventeen-year-old evacuee, as she navigates her new home in the Devon village of Salmouth. The locals are weird, her older sister is constantly on her case, and there’s a door in her new home which is locked and sealed up tight…

Fair warning: this is absolutely a Young Adult as opposed to a children’s story; even though moments in GMT can be shocking and/or harrowing, the subject matter covered by ALLS is just that touch more mature. It’s a coming-of-age type deal, and it’s beautifully written, with appealing, three dimensional characters and a nice fast pace. I expected the twists and turns, but I also found myself putting down the last page with an audible sigh as I released the breath I’d been holding… so the perfect reading experience, really!

Like Goodnight Mister Tom with but with added feminism – I’ll absolutely read this again.



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