Cuckoo Song – Frances Hardinge


I enjoyed this story even more than The Lie Tree, which I liked an awful lot. I can’t believe I’d never come across this author before! The Cuckoo Song was like my perfect combination of creepy, magical and weird. I only intended to read a chapter or two before bed, but when I blinked, I’d finished the book and it was gone midnight.

Kind of like Neil Gaiman, kind of like the Grimm brothers, Cuckoo Song is a dark fairy story inspired by old folk tales and I was completely sucked in. It starts one morning when Triss, the eleven year old protagonist, wakes up in hospital and with amnesia. Her memories quickly return, but she seems to be simply starving hungry, all the time, and her little sister (a brat at the best of times, apparently) seems to loathe her even more than usual. And try as she might, she just can’t remember what happened that night by the side of the water…

Yes yes yes please, Frances Hardinge, we’ll have lots more of this! YUM.



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