The Name of the Wind – Patrick Rothfuss

This was recommended to me by a friend, and I loved it.

The Name of the Wind is a beautifully written fantasy novel. The central character is Kvothe, a mysterious figure of living legend in a world where magic exists (if not in the way that it does in children’s tales). The first book is told in retrospect, and it seems like that how the second book will be too – we meet Kvothe first under an assumed name and identity, until a stranger wanders in – the Chronicler – and recognises him. Then Kvothe begins his previously untold story…

It’s a relatively simple concept – take a hero, and have him tell the real story of his legendary life (truth being stranger than fiction, as we all know) – with a complex and intricate execution. The world Rothfuss has created is detailed and engaging…. and, really, this is just an excellent fantasy novel with a general LOTR-esque feel to it. If you like fantasy, this is a great book for you.


What I didn’t realise when I reserved this, and the next book – The Wise Man’s Fear – from my local library is that the third book of the trilogy…. doesn’t actually exist yet. GRAARGH!

The instant-gratification Millennial part of me is now distraught, of course! I flew through the nearly 700-page fantasy tome in two days flat, squeezing in reading time on the tube, during lunch breaks, while walking down the street… I know the next instalment is waiting for me at home, but honestly, by the time this post goes live I am likely to have finished that too…. and then what do I do?!

giphy (3).gif
But I want it NOOOWWWW!!!

I failed to do my due diligence and now I am hopelessly hooked on a story that I may never get to know the end of. I have a choice, ten years after The Name of the Wind was first published – join the pain of the many fans waiting on sharp tenterhooks for the promised release of the third novel (It already has a title! Rothfuss has been doing interviews saying he’s working on it! IT MIGHT BE SOON!) or give up the pain of hoping before I’ve started and make my peace with the idea that I may never know the ending.

Either way, I may have to seriously review the status of the friendship with the recommend-er. What have you done?!



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