The Time Keeper – Mitch Albom

The first book I read of Mitch Albom’s was The Five People You Meet in Heaven – and it was so lovely, so beautifully written and poignant, so filled with touching ideas and deceptively gentle questions that I was sure I would love anything else he had written.

Thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed with The Time Keeper. Like Five People, it handles intensely personal and weighty ideas with a wonderfully gentle touch – in this case, the idea of time. The narrative has that touch of fairytale and fantasy which is like catnip to me, and explores the idea of time from many angles; philosophical and religious to individual and private. It tells the story of Father Time – not, as many may think, a mythical symbolic figure of mere imagination – but a real man, raised (or punished) to watch over the world and hear every voice, every plea for more time, less time, faster time, slower time… for the achievement (or dreadful crime) of inventing the human concept of time, for trapping the passing of it in months, days, and minutes.

(Yes, I have now written the word ‘time’ so often that it’s started to lose all meaning to me. But then again… did it ever have meaning…?)

I really enjoy Albom’s writing. This little gem was poignant and touching, and I inhaled it in one afternoon – his language is both easy to read and elegantly constructed.

Highly recommended!



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