My Not So Perfect Life – Sophie Kinsella

I have to say, I’d been looking forward to reading My Not So Perfect Life for a while. I really enjoyed The Undomestic Goddess and Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella – and you know what? Sometimes you’re just in the mood for some happy endings and heartstring tugging! Gritty reality is all very well, but sometimes I get fed up of grit and reality, and I want some silly, happy escapism – and Sophie Kinsella is wonderful for that.

My Not So Perfect Life centres around Cat (or Katie, depending on who you ask), a young professional from Somerset who has moved to London to make her career in branding. She’s had two unpaid internships, lives in a tiny shoebox of a flat with two irritating flatmates, can’t afford much outside of rent and basic food, and has a nightmare of a boss in a basic admin role… but dammit, she’s in London! Wonderful London, and she’s finally got a PAID job in her industry of choice. Besides… judging by her Instagram, you would never ever know that her life is anything less than perfect…

I loved it. There are some pretty silly moments, and some improbable twists of fate, like any good romcom – but there’s some reality in there too. It’s important, I think, to have regular reminders that Instagram and Twitter give only the filtered, edited highlights of someone’s life, and that believing the hype while desperately hyping yourself – well, that way leads madness. There was a lot for me to personally identify with, as well – as a young(ish) professional in London, recently at the bottom(ish) of a new career ladder, and paying waaaaaay more than is reasonable for rent, Cat was a nicely relatable heroine.

My Not So Perfect Life was just exactly what I wanted it to be. In this case, feel free to believe my online hype!



One thought on “My Not So Perfect Life – Sophie Kinsella

  1. You are spot on about the appeal of Sophie Kinsella novels – light reading that you can normally scoot through but they keep you interested and amused to the end.

    A book that I read recently was Paris for One by JoJo Moyes which has a similar theme that you might enjoy..

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