The Coldest Girl in Coldtown – Holly Black

This is an unabashed YA Vampire Novel, and I am unashamed of reading it. I loved it – the vampires weren’t all ameliorated and generically romanticised, the teenage heroine is completely terrified of being separated from her family, of being ‘infected’, of BAD VAMPIRES GETTING HER… it was everything I wanted from a YA Vampire Novel and I would love a follow-up or sequel.

You’ll note I said ‘generically romanticised’. This is still a YA Vampire Novel and (slight spoiler alert, I guess, but come on… really what do you expect?!) there is still one vampire potential love interest. Because duh. And honestly, I’m more than ok with that because the vampire dude seems waaaay more respectful than the heroine’s asshole ex… so yeah.

There’s not much more to say about this… if YA Vampire Novels aren’t your thing, you won’t like it,. because that is definitely what this book is. I thought it was well written, it struck a good balance of surprising and satisfyingly going where you wanted it to go, and I thought the vampires were generally scary and bad (which is good – scary and bad things should always be shown as, and treated as, scary and bad, IMO) and the interplay of relationships was complex and interesting and not always easily resolved – friendships and family relationships included.

Pretty much does what it says on the tin.



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