American Gods – Neil Gaiman

Even before I found out that Gaiman’s American Gods was being adapted for the small screen, I had been trying to get hold of a copy from my local library for aaaaages. Because, y’know… Gaiman!

However, I was out of luck until after I’d seen the first episode(which was completely awesome, btw…) when a friend agreed to lend me their copy. I reluctantly gave it back a few days later, having annihilated it in the meantime. I didn’t want to return it; I am definitely going to have to get my own copy!

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Neil Gaiman fan, and in my humble opinion, this is quite possibly the best thing he’s written. It’s intelligent and complex, yet very readable and not too dense. It’s creepy and enigmatic, yet innately human. There’s magic and conflict and the mundane clashes with the majestic and its all woven together with just the most beautiful language!

I’m actually not even going to attempt to summarise the plot – there’s too much in there and I wouldn’t do it justice – but suffice it to say that American Gods somehow manages to be a critical portrait of America (and humanity at large) while also being something of a love letter. I loved it. Read it.



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