The Ladybird Book of Dating [Ladybirds for Grownups] – Jason Hazeley & Joel Morris

This was a birthday present from a friend – particularly apt as we have spent many a hilarious time flipping through dating apps together! – thank yooooou, lovely friend! 😀

Another in the recent trend of nostalgia/satire (we millennials do love nostalgia… almost as much as we love irony…), The Ladybird Book of Dating is very much written in the style of the old children’s reading books, meaning it’s about ten words long, and takes about 30 seconds to read.

Ok, I exaggerate slightly, but you get the idea – it’s a joke, and one that is all the funnier for knowing when the joke should be done, now. Honestly, I screamed with laughter at some of the pages – old-school style Ladybird art offset with scathing and hilarious captions.

Definitely not one for the kids!



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