Slade House – David Mitchell

Slade House is a short novel by David Mitchell, author of Bone Clocks and Cloud Atlas, and although you don’t have to have read Bone Clocks to understand and enjoy Slade House, the two stories definitely intertwine.

There’s not much to say about this one – it’s the kind of sort-of-but-not-quite ghost story that I love, and it’s a lot easier to read than Mitchell’s other works, as the narrative has fewer threads than his longer novels. The story takes place over several decades, focusing on different characters in each short section (similarly to the structure of Homegoing, actually, but with less of a direct emphasis on genealogy), and it’s pretty delicious in terms of appreciating the author’s skill; each character only really gets a short time with the reader, but they’re still fully fleshed out and interesting.

Creepy, fascinating, with a mystery/thriller element, I really enjoyed this book – and if you’ve avoided Mitchell’s writing because it’s just a bit too convoluted for your tastes, you may well enjoy this one as it’s much more succinct than the others.



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