When I was little, my Dad used to joke that I would read anything… and if there wasn’t anything, I’d read the back of the cereal box!

This love of words, and the crafting of them, has persisted into adulthood (apparently I am now widely considered to be an adult) and I am still, as I was from the time I first learned how, a voracious reader. This blog is a space for me to think out loud about what I read – to take in someone else’s words, and put them back out again in a different order. I hope you enjoy it, and if you are inspired to read any or all of the books featured hereĀ – well, so much the better!

Featured book - Jodi Picoult's 'Second Glance'



My thoughts about things other than books can be found here: tangled threads of thought

Unless otherwise clearly stated, I don’t receive any incentive for these posts. I have no sponsors or advertising deals (the ads you may see are hosted by wordpress, not me) and I usually only get freebies on my birthday. All endorsements are freely given – but I’ll always say so if I didn’t buy the book myself!